You never know what you're going to see in nature these days. It is 2020 so it really could be anything!

The Eastham, MA Chamber of Commerce posted this video of a rare blue shark sighting in the marsh off of Cape Cod:


The video was taken by Robin Rowe of Eastham. She tells that she was in upper marsh area of Bees River/First Encounter Beach Marsh. Rowe took this video on November 6th at about 3:30 pm during an incoming tide.

Rowe tells that at first she thought it was a sea otter, but when she got her binoculars for a closer look she could see the fin and knew it was definitely not an otter!

Rowe says:

“Eventually he kind of headed out into a deeper channel and then toward the main river and, hopefully, back out into the bay, so that’s what my hope was — that he was heading towards deeper water.”


Senior fisheries scientist for the state Division of Marine Fisheries, Greg Skomal, tells that it's extremely rare to see a blue shark in a marsh and so close to the shore.

“We have seen animals that may have been caught in fishing gear that are injured, and they wander in close to shore because they’re weakened and they’re tired."

Skomal tells that doesn't appear to be the case with this particular shark as he looks very healthy.  So maybe he just got some bad directions (I'm going to assume it's a boy shark!)

It appears that this Blue Shark made its way out of the marsh and into deeper waters, but as Rowe says "you never know what you're going to see in Eastham".

I'd amend that to "you never know what you're going to see in 2020!"

Here's some fun facts about Blue Sharks:

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