Wednesday's huge celebration featured one moment that almost ruined EVERYTHING.

New England's baseball team returned from LA with a fresh World Series trophy. One, which they jokingly referred to as their one "carry-on." While it arrived safe, it didn't escape the celebration unscathed.

Security was heavy for the huge duck boat parade carrying the Boston Red Sox through downtown. Despite the enormous crowd, police reported no arrests or incidents. However, it didn't come without a few tense moments. One, which could've lived in infamy, for all the wrong reasons.

According to NECN, a fan reportedly tossed a full can of beer at one of the boats, and it struck and slightly damaged a World Series trophy.

Another one nearly took out Mookie Betts. "MOOOOOKKIIIEE"

Imagine being the person who wiped out the World Series trophy? Listen, I get people are jacked up. Fans seem to have learned not to turn over cars, or set fire to everything in sight when their team wins. Is it time to add chucking beers at celebrated athletes and their prized possessions to the list? Asking for myself...

Dilly Dilly.

UPDATE: According to 7 News Boston, the man, from Sandwich has been arrested. His identity has not been revealed.


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