courtesy of kyle tanguay's FB page
courtesy of kyle tanguay's FB page



Okay, it’s a tall order I know.  We all love the Patriots. What could possibly make us root for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Maybe an outstanding, barrier-breaking cheerleader?

New Hampshire Magazine is breaking the story about Kyle Tanguay from Rochester, New Hampshire, breaking barriers by becoming the first male cheerleader for the NFL franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles in more than 30 years.

It was no easy task.

According to New Hampshire Magazine, Tanguay, a student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia went thought the grueling tryouts in which he had to show off his athletic skills, public speaking skills, and modeling prowess.

After seeing that the Los Angeles Rams had recently added two male cheerleaders to their squad, Tanguay figured he at least had a shot.

Kyle said in the article, “It was never really about being the first, it was about going for something I really wanted to do, being part of an organization that I’m completely in love with and so excited about.”

Tanguay hopes to eventually open his own studio and teach like the teachers at Fusion Dance Academy in Dover, New Hampshire inspired him, according to New Hampshire magazine.

Go Eagles! Go, Kyle!


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