Shannon Belanger via Facebook
Shannon Belanger via Facebook

Dayton Consolidated School serves just under 150 students between the grades of K-5. Morey Belanger is a kindergartener and the first deaf student to ever attend the school. Not only is the staff welcoming Morey with open arms, but they are also going above and beyond to make sure that the entire school is able to communicate with Morey.

According to WMTW, The students are picking it up quickly and know between 15 and 20 signs. There are pictures all over the school to help. To reward the students, the school invited in Cinderella for a princess party! She sang to the students in sign language and Morey, who was dressed as Belle, helped. It was a duet!

Morey's mom Shannon said that seeing how the school is embracing Morey confirms that she brought her daughter to the right place.

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