Should the iconic Citgo sign in Kenmore Square, near Fenway Park, be removed from the Boston skyline or be named an official landmark?

That's what a lot of people in Boston, and beyond, are discussing after a public hearing was held last night by the Boston Landmarks Commission. People on both sides of the issue spoke about what to do with the sign.

The Boston Herald claims, the commission recommended the sign be made an official landmark. However, there are others who worry about the cost of maintaining and repairing the sign, and the potential to stifle future business developments.

Greg Gaylor, the president of the Boston Preservation Alliance, told The Boston Herald,  he "is in favor of making the sign a landmark and added the organization has been following the issue for years."

The newspaper says residents have until Friday to submit written testimony to the commission. Once reviewed, there will be another public hearing for discussion and a vote.

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My personal feeling is the Citgo sign is so much more than just a sign. It's a cultural landmark. According to the Citgo website, it's been in place since 1940. Red Sox hitters love seeing the sign as they do their best to launch home runs over the Green Monster and toward the sign. And it marks mile 23 during the Boston Marathon.

If you asked an ever changing world where history seems to mean less and's my opinion, the Citgo sign is part of what makes the area around Fenway Park so special to tourists and locals alike. If I could cast a vote it would be for making the Citgo sign a historical Boston landmark and keeping it right where it is. I'm all for progress, but certain things are worth keeping the same. The Citgo sign is one of them.

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