The cost of hiring an attorney, especially for our most vulnerable citizens, can seem insurmountable.

There are programs through the Bar Foundations in both Maine and New Hampshire that allow attorneys to help provide free- or reduced-cost civil legal services to qualifying residents —low income, elderly and socially vulnerable citizens. The programs are funded in part by interest donated to the foundations by funds held in special checking accounts called IOLTAs. As a Leadership Bank in both Maine and New Hampshire, SIS has pledged to pay 2.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on all IOLTA funds on deposit. Working with SIS allows attorneys to provide additional support to the Bar Foundations by simply having their IOLTA account with us.

  • IOLTA accounts with 2.00% APY, no minimum balance and no service charge
  • Free online banking and availability of a full set of deposit and cash management products and services.

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