Anyone who has moved knows that there can be some ridiculous costs associated with it. For many, it's almost impossible to pick up their life from one location and move it to another because of expenses. Forget the boxes and furniture, how can you get your vehicle from one place to the next on a budget with making multiple trips. Well ladies and gentleman, consider this exhibit A.

Shared on Facebook by Brandon Perry, as he was traveling along on I-95 in Maine, he noticed a rather odd sight in the right lane. Yes, that's a U-Haul rental with an entire pick-up truck stuffed in the back cab. Plus infinite points for creativity and maximum use of space when it comes to this master plan. Probably the same amount of negative points should be given for safety concerns as well. When you can close the door of the U-Haul and you've only got a strap holding the back end of the vehicle you're hauling, that's going to get a big yikes from most people. No slamming on the brakes or quick sharp turns with that precious cargo.

Also have to assume that putting an entire vehicle into the back of a U-Haul (especially this size) is probably against their policies and also may lead to some safety concerns from a police officer as well. But hey, nobody said innovative ideas were perfect. Let's just hope everything arrived where it was supposed to and next time, just set up a GoFundMe for a car trailer.

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