Rather than snow, sleet or freezing rain the past weekend, almost all of Maine saw sunny skies and some really comfortable temperatures. So naturally that would be a perfect time to take a horse who's been cooped up all winter long out for a nice long walk...through the McDonald's drive-thru in Sanford?

That's apparently what happened last weekend as Brian Elsemore shared this photo on Facebook. At the front of a line of cars is a man picking up his order while riding on horseback. One of the commenters on Elsemore's post claimed that the horse attempted to stick its head through the drive-thru window. Can't blame the horse for being curious.

Another commenter named Heather McConihe shared this closer photo of the man on horseback at the drive-thru. Thankfully the horse wasn't much taller because the man would have had some issues getting underneath that pickup window apron.

After a long winter, people in Maine have been known to do some rather strange things. Add 'bring your horse to the McDonald's drive-thru' as one of those things. Spring can't get here soon enough.

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