So how'd you spent your last summer weekend in Maine? Probably not like this person, that's for sure. Tourists and just passersby were a little take aback over the weekend when they strolled past Stephen King's house in Bangor. That's because someone was dressed as Pennywise the clown from the book/movie It right outside the gates of King's home.

Shared on Facebook by Kyna B Rancourt, whomever put this much effort into looking like the creepy clown from Stephen King's imagination, they didn't stop with just the costume. They also brought a sound machine that played maniacal laughter in the background. Scare tactics 10 out of 10.

But as it turned out, people weren't scared. In fact, they were completely and utterly interested. Several people stopped and snapped photos with Pennywise. Here's hoping they didn't take a single red balloon with them.

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