If you're spending some time in Maine and the summer heat cranks up, chances are you're going to be running for the water. Maine has a coastline filled with incredible beaches and parks to explore but if you're looking for another water activity that is a little bit more on the chill side, consider spending a summery afternoon floating down the Royal River in Yarmouth.

The Royal River may be Maine's "laziest" river, as it twists and turns ever so slowly around farmland and forestry. The Royal River is so slow moving that the majority of people who make a day trip of it bring paddles or rent a kayak just to pick up the pace in the most docile of areas.

So how do you make this happen? First off, you'll need two automobiles for the laziest of travel. Park one car at the boat launch right by East Elm Street. Hop in the other car and head to Old Town House Park where you'll put your floats in and commence the fun. The floating experience down the lazy Royal River is about five miles long, so be properly prepared with a few snacks and water to keep yourself hydrated on your journey. One other pro tip: depending on the time of day you're making your lazy river adventure, you'll want to lather up in bug spray, spots along the Royal River can be quite the mosquito feeding ground.

Eventually you'll end up floating your way back to the boat launch, where you can pull your floats out of the water and apply some aloe to the parts of your body you missed with sunblock. For more information about the Royal River in Yarmouth, click here.

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