The heroes of this pandemic are many. The doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery worker, trucker and food manufacturers just to name a few.

But how about those who go above and beyond just to bring a smile, or entertain kids, they deserve some special recognition also.

If you have seen Spiderman on a motorcycle recently, your eyes weren’t lying.

Local Rochester residents Bill and Alysia Lemelin have been organizing “superhero” rides in the local area, according to

Bill puts on his Spiderman costume and rides his motorcycle around Rochester, and his wife, Alysia, posts the routes he’s going to take on social media, according to

When he drives by the kids love it. The idea is catching on.

Bill Lemelin was soon joined by Superman Shane Goldsberry, a pink bunny, Wayne Bourque and road captain Charlie Lord, the news article stated. There is even a motorcycle towing a gingerbread house!

Alysia told that “We went to all the schools to space it out, so there were not too many people. We also posted the route so people could watch and wave from their lawns."

We all need a superhero right now. More and more volunteers are getting into the rides so don’t be surprised if you spot Captian America driving by on his motorcycle soon.

As the weather warms up, the Lemelin’s plan to expand their rides and share the joy, even if its just a quick drive-by, it gives kids, and the rest of us, something to smile about.


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