This story made my heart grow three sizes.

According to the New York Post, when Roseann Sdoia was laid up with an amputated leg post Marathon bombing, finding Mr. Right wasn't her top priority.

But her mom (who sounds like a familiar character in many of our lives) is a matchmaker through and through. Roseann was laying in the hospital and her mom was all like "did you notice that firefighter? He was pretty cute!"

Mike Materia was the one who rushed by her side and comforted her during her ride to Mass General Hospital.

Materia even visited her a few weeks after while she was recovering in the intensive care unit. That was when he made a great impression with her mom! Sdoia said she started to develop feelings for him because he was so kind and nurturing.

He’s seen me on my worst day.

When she was fully recovered the two went on a date and the rest is history. They are having a small wedding in October or November of 2017.

This March keep an eye out for the book they plan to release called "Perfect Strangers" which is about four people whose lives intersected as a result of the marathon bombing.

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