This 3-year-old dog is a love bug.

Ziggy is a mixed-breed dog who was found abandoned in a dog park in Westbrook. According to WMTW, it is the currently featured animal from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. The ARLGP waited for his person to claim him, and they never did.

The Refuge League says Ziggy is very smart, knows many commands, and is also very playful and goofy. He's not a tiny dog and weighs almost 80 pounds. A lap dog if you have a very strong lap. He was featured on WMTW and had a good time roaming the studio and newsroom.

The ARLGP says that the home that Ziggy should go to should be a place with lots of playtime and walks. He has spent time with kids and loves kids and also gets along well with other dogs. He has spent time with the Humane Education program. They don't know a lot about Ziggy's history due to the fact that he was abandoned. But he has been at the shelter long enough for everyone to know that he is a giant 'love bug'. Do you have room in your family to adopt a love bug?

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland invites you to come to visit Ziggy. If you have a dog in your house, you can bring that dog to see if they get along. And the good news is they just expanded their hours. They are now open 11 am to 4 pm every day except Wednesday.

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