Blue Lobsters

Have you seen a blue lobster before? Do you know how rare it is to catch one?

If you have feasted your eyes on one of these blue crustaceans, then you’re lucky. According to BBC, the chance of catching a blue lobster is estimated to be one in 2 MILLION. So, a restaurant in Maine getting their hands on one is pretty crazy.

Pepper’s Landing Gets Rare, Blue Lobster

The beloved seafood restaurant in Brunswick, Pepper’s Landing, is home to generously portioned fresh, local seafood from the coast of Maine for the ultimate authentic Maine dining. We’re talking crab quesadillas, fried calamari, steamed clams, seafood rolls, dinner baskets, and… blue lobsters?

Well, the rare lobster isn’t actually on the menu. The restaurant recently posted on Facebook about their lucky rare and beautiful find:

Pepper’s Landing understands the unique, rare, and incredible opportunity they had in their tank and sent the blue boy off to Gulf of Maine Research Institute so Maine kids can learn about him and other rare lobsters on field trips.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The photos posted on Facebook are of the blue lobster happy in his new home at the Institute where students can be educated on unique wildlife just like this blue lobster and the genetic abnormality that caused his change in color.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is a non-profit marine science center and research institution that supports sustainable seafood, protects our local ecosystems, cultivates science literacy, and supports solutions that positively impact our coastal environment.

I would say that blue lobster is now in good hands thanks to Pepper’s!

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