If you were headed home on Route 101 in Epping last night, chances are it didn’t go as planned. What was up with all the delays and re-routing?

Turns out, a tanker carrying 11,000 gallons of gas was involved in an accident.

According to WMUR, a car in the fast lane swerved into the tanker causing the crash. The tanker ended up rolling off the side of the road, spilling 5,000 gallons of gas!

Lt. John Hennessy of New Hampshire State Police told WMUR that it was a significant leak but luckily most of it missed the road. Hennessy says it leaked into the wood line and grass dirt marsh.

In order to clean up the mess, police say Clean Harbors was called in and a second tanker was brought in to pump out the remaining fuel, according to the news station.

Luckily there were no fatalities involved and Route 101 is back open in both directions.

Police tell WMUR that they are looking for anyone with information as they investigate what caused the crash.

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