What would you do if you found two diamonds, a tennis bracelet, and two Gucci watches in a jacket at a donation based clothing drive?

Would you take the jacket and all of its worthy jewelry inside? Would you pawn the goods and turn a profit or try and hunt down the rightful owner?

This is the exact ethical question that 17-year-old, Luke Coelho, was put in when he found the perfect jacket.

Luke Coelho moved from Brazil this year to Worcester, Massachusetts and started attending South High Community School.

Being from Brazil, Luke did not have a lot of the warm clothing needed for a Massachusetts winter. So, Luke headed over to the school's clothing donation program called Andy's Attic, according to a CBS News article.

One of the jackets Luke took a liking to had the name "Dave" on it. It was donated by a man named Dave Kenney who was cleaning out his house earlier that year, according to CBS.

Dave Kenney was cleaning his house out after his wife passed away. The widowed man had no clue what was in his coat pocket, but soon realized just how valuable the donation was.

Now, Luke Coelho could have easily pawned the jewelry. In fact, being a senior in high school and just moving to the U.S seems like a great reason to need extra cash,  but selling the jewelry was not in the cards for him.

Unsure of what to do, Luke Coelho and his aunt went into detective mode. All they had to go on was the name "Dave," the clothing store the jacket came from (which had been closed for years), and the jewelry itself.

Luke's aunt called every jewelry store in the area until they finally identified Dave Kenney as the rightful owner. The high school senior returned everything.

And thank god he did.

The shocking part was that one of the diamond rings in the jacket pocket "was the wedding ring I bought my wife," Kenney said to CBS. "It meant the world that my daughters got their mother's stuff back."

Luke did the right thing. Now, Dave Kenney's daughters will have a piece of their mother with them forever: her jewelry.

Dave credits the high school senior, "This fine young man did the right thing and his aunt," Kenney said to CBS. "I totally appreciate what they did for me and my family."

Well done Luke. Way to do the right thing!

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