Back in the day, my wife loved her Crocs. I called them her moon shoes.  She told me I was missing out on some extremely comfortable, waterproof shoes. I must admit I did cave in and bought me a pair. They were the most comfortable pair of shoes ever. But all my friends made fun of me, I swore I would never own a pair again but it appears I have misspoken because my boy Luke Combs has made them cool again.  Luke Combs has teamed up with Crocs and according to, it’s been a huge success.  I must admit when I saw the picture I thought they looked pretty cool.  Andrew Rees, Croc’s  CEO says “Crocs is a polarizing brand.  There are people that love it, and there are people that hate it.”

Crocs have seen sales skyrocket.  The company’s CEO Andrew Rees says “We launched our first shoe with [Luke Combs] at the Country Music Fest in Nashville earlier this year... it was a huge success.  Sold out in minutes.”

According to the shoe, which is Croc’s signature “incredibly comfortable clog” was co-designed with Luke Combs and it looks so cool I might even wear them. Because of the companies incredible success in this shoe design collaboration, they will be teaming up with Luke Combs to design additional shoes. Sounds like Luke Combs is bringing Crocs and comfy shoes back in style. My wife will be so happy, and yes I'm buying myself a pair.

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