You always hear single people complain about how hard it is to meet someone and how difficult dating has become. And I have to admit...they're right.

When I was single and dating it was SO hard to meet someone great. My friends would tell me that my standards were too high, and to lower my expectations. I even stayed in a long-distance relationship that obviously wasn't working until I decided enough was enough. And eventually I met the woman that would become my wife. So it worked out for me. But I feel the pain of my single friends. You can have every dating app there is on your phone...but you eventually have to get off the phone and meet a real person face to face.

However, it's a fact, where you live has a lot to do with how easy it is to find Mister or Miss Right. WalletHub did a study and found the best and worst states for dating in 2019.

Source: WalletHub

The BEST state for dating is Florida. What's not to love about the Sunshine State? It's warm and sunny. And it boasts some of the best beaches in the entire country. Florida SCREAMS romance.

Meanwhile, West Virginia ranks dead last. Listen, I can tell you from experience, West Virginia is the pits for lots of reasons. I grew up there and left forever when I was 21. I'll skip all the jokes about dating your cousin...but take it from me, this makes perfect sense.

So which state in New England is best for a single daters? Massachusetts takes the top spot among New England states. It actually ranks ninth nationwide.

New Hampshire is next. The Granite State is number 27. But it ranks first for online dating opportunities. So grab your phone and head to the App Store.

Vermont is 31. And Maine trails the list in 34th place.

My advice is if you live in New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont perhaps you put on your best flannel shirt, or Patriots jersey, and head to Boston this Valentine's Day. I'm sure there's someone there just waiting to meet you.

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