Among the many new people we met today at the Red Arrow Diner, one of them was the newly elected governor of New Hampshire.

The first thing he said to us when he walked in was, "I was listening to your show on the way over, and I am going to need a cup of coffee to keep up with you two!"

It made me giggle.

We sat down and had a solid chat. He is just a real down-to-earth guy. We played our favorite get to know you game, "this or that," and found out he prefers the ocean over the lake, meatloaf over American chop suey, and since he's had kids, he prefers to watch the Sox on TV rather than going to Fenway.

He said being the governor is so far pretty much what he expected. We asked if there are any cool perks that come with the job and he said no sadly. But one day he hopes to get his name on a booth at the Red Arrow Diner. It's always good to have hopes and dreams.

After meeting Governor Sununu I am even more proud to be doing what I love in a state that I love. And to have the youngest governor in the whole country?! That's pretty cool.

A BIG thank you to all who helped arrange our interview with the governor today. It was an amazing addition to our Five Cities in Five Days. Today will be hard to top, but tomorrow...we're coming for you, Derry! :)

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