Birthdays don’t stop just for pandemics.

Some Sudbury, MA residents got creative to make sure Anna Tabasky’s 12th Birthday did not go uncelebrated.

According to Massachusetts, the new in thing is to hold birthday parades!

Across the nations, people are holding birthday parades where well-wishers get in their cars and line up in parade style beeping horns and stopping to greet the birthday boy or girl from a distance.

Anna Tabasky has Down Syndrome and has been looking forward to her birthday for months, according to the article. Then the shutdowns for coronavirus hit.

Her mother Kerri Tabasky was undaunted.

She worked with speech pathologist Lindsey Carapezza to have 50 cars carrying friends and family drive-by last Friday in the rain to wish Anna happy birthday from a safe distance, stated.

According to, later in the day, Anna had a video chat with all her friends, and some dedicated people used their creative skills to make this Anna’s biggest birthday celebration so far.

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Just another shining example of how we are all in this together and will find a way to preserve and enjoy the special events that should not be missed.


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