Living at the beach I can't help but think about the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival.  One of the highlights for me is the lobster roll eating contest. Competitors have less than a month to submit their entry for the 2015 Lobster Roll eating contest.  A couple years ago I attempted to get myself into the competition by entering into one of the qualifying rounds.

There were twelve of us but only the top three qualified. They weren't lobster rolls; they were hot dogs. You had to eat as many as you could in 10 minutes. Needless to say I did not qualify because I fell one hot dog shy of 3rd place.

This year's competition will have only 1 qualifying round that will catapult 11 people into the finals (plus last year's winner) The date of the qualifier has yet to be determined but the deadline for submitting your entry is July 20, 2015. You have to fill out the entry form on the Seafood Festival's website.

Credit: Johanna Raptis
Credit: Johanna Raptis


And if you are one of the lucky few who gets chosen to compete in the qualifier, expect to see me right there beside you. I am seeking redemption and plan on making that final table in September.

And if you need some inspiration, check out our viral video "I Love Lobster Rolls" on our sister station The Shark's Youtube channel.

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