You sort of expected it to be something like this, didn't you?

NH1 is reporting that Thomas Joy, the Rochester man who allegedly sucker punched Somersworth's Nate Jones, did so because someone said something to a girl he was hanging out with.

According to Strafford County Assistant Attorney Jennifer Chase “allegedly Mr. Joy did not like the way Mr. Jones spoke to a female in Mr. Joy’s party, and he responded by punching Mr. Jones in the face."

I have no idea what happened here, but I can say from experience that when some guy tries to make a stink about someone saying something or looking at "his girl" wrong they're usually the problem.

And sucker punching? That makes Patrick Swayze sad.

It is usually some meathead who probably eats a couple dozen protein bars while watching Roadhouse most nights, and is looking to impress his girlfriend by acting tough.

"Are you looking at my girl?"

"What? No."

"Why, you don't think she's a smokeshow!?"



I'm sure there are times where guys are being rude and need to step off, but clocking them from behind isn't the solution.

If this turns out to be the guy that knocked Mr. Jones out cold, I hope he is held fully accountable. Whomever did it, as punishment, should be told they will be sucker punched at some random point in the next twelve months-- sort of like the eye for an eye version of the slap from How I Met Your Mother.