Michelle Carter was convicted in 2017

Residents living closer to Massachusetts may remember this story more, but regardless of your location in New England, it was a major headline in the region a handful of years ago, but stems back almost a decade.

Back in 2014, according to Women's Health, then 17-year-old Michelle Carter was involved in a relationship with 18-year-old Conrad Roy III. That summer, Michelle and Conrad made headlines when Conrad was found deceased inside of his truck at a K-Mart parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Conrad was texting Michelle right before his death

During the investigation into what happened to Conrad, police checked Conrad's cell phone and came across a full text message conversation between Conrad and Michelle. In the back-and-forth correspondence, Conrad was divulging to Michelle that he wanted to end his life. To everyone's shock, disappointment, and surprise, Michelle's text messages back to Conrad seemed to be encouraging him to go through with it, even going as far as saying,

"Do it now like early."

The full back-and-forth text message correspondence, as well as contents of their phone calls, are addressed and displayed in the HBO documentary I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter.

After her early release from jail, Hulu is bringing the case back to light

Just a few days ago, back on Tuesday, March 29, Hulu released it's brand new series, The Girl From Plainville, which dives deeper into the case and follows actress Elle Fanning, who plays the role of Michelle Carter. As of this writing, there are currently three episodes available to stream of the series.

According to Distractify, the plan is for there to be a total of eight episodes released for the series, which will likely only consist of one season. With the first three episodes already available, one brand new hour-long episode will be released weekly until the finale, which is scheduled to drop on May 3.

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