Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, there is another app that teens are using to post “viral challenges.” Some of these viral challenges in the past have been just plain stupid like the condom snorting challenge that hit TikTok earlier this year. The latest challenge, according to bostonmagazine.com involves taking a phone charger, leaving it slightly exposed from the wall and dropping a penny down to cause a fire, an electronic short and in the case of an incident at Westford Academy in Massachusetts, a loud explosion and electrical fire.

When I was a kid it was “don’t run with scissors.” This advice made sense to my teenage brain. No one had to tell me not to eat Tide Pods. Have we really reached an age where we have to teach our kids not to snort condoms, glue their upper lip to their faces or cause fire and explosions at our homes or in schools?

The incident at Westford Academy lead to the evacuation of the school and one student is facing charges. The herd mentality behind these challenges and these apps which kids think will give them their 15 minutes of fame is not only stupid but just plain dangerous. Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey has sent out a letter warning the head of every fire department in the state about this challenge according to bostonmagazine.com. It might be a good time to talk to your teen about not just the danger of these challenges but how not to follow the herd mentality behind these apps.


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