Robert Kraft has a birthday coming up, the big 7-9! It appears he was celebrating a few days early in Ogunquit, Maine, over the weekend. The weather was just perfect. He walked around and took in the breathtaking sights and treated himself to lunch at Barnacle Billy's! According to the internet, a visit to BB's is a must whenever you are in Ogunquit. Their steamers are world renowned.

Barnacle Billy's took to Facebook to thank Mr. Kraft for paying them a visit while he was in town.

It's good to see he is taking the necessary precautions and wearing a mask. And we can't help but notice his mask and shirt coordinate perfectly. Who knew he was such a fashionista?!

I was cracking up while reading the comments on this post. So many people thought they saw Robert Kraft drive by or walking down the street and thought, "Nah! It must be someone else!" Well, if you think you spotted the owner of the New England Patriots yesterday, then chance are you probably did.

Here are a few more of my favorite comments:

Dave Breault Robert:..tie your shoes man...don't want you tripping into the cove.

Jessica Johnson Sherwood: Was this today!? I thought I saw him drive passed me while I was running but figured I was just delusional

Paula Gervasi Kenda: Would have loved to say hi!! Love that man!!

Marcia Little: Did he try the rum punch?

I saw several comments about the Rum Punch at BB's. Have you ever been? Clearly I need to go this Summer!

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