I was about 9 or 10, and knew the answer to the Song Scramble on the Rick Dees show. Excited, I listened for the details on how to win. They involved sending your entry (showing age here) via postcard, and they would pick a winner "at random." Naturally, I grabbed a postcard from my mothers stack (what mom in the 80's didn't have ample mailing items on demand?) and filled out the card until I reached the address portion.

"What state is Random in?"

There it is. For a portion of my childhood, I listened to contest details, assuming "random" was a town somewhere they drew winning postcards. I also believed a baby resulted every time two people were "together." You can imagine my bewilderment when my parent's childless friends came over. Thankfully, I quickly got up the nerve to ask my dad all about it, and he set me straight. Also, since he worked at the Shipyard, I was convinced he went to NH every day for work. Well, I guess that's an understandable one.

We all grow up believing weird things. Heck, some ADULTS amaze me on what they believe as fact. What did you believe as a child, where now you been enlightened? Or, what does your child believe that makes you laugh?

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