All I know about physics, Star Wars and Star Trek has come from watching television. I can thank Chuck Lorre and the folks behind the 'The Big Bang Theory' for teaching me things such as...

'Agora' is Greek for marketplace and Will Wheaton played 'Wesley Crusher' in Star Trek - Next Generation.

Big Bang
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Another thing I've learned from watching TV is how NOT to kill someone.

Police Tape
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I could (and on occasion) have plopped myself down on my sofa for several hours and watched 'real life' murder mysteries. From the ID channel to 'Forensic Files' on HLN. I find it fascinating how DNA and detective work convict those stupid enough to think they can get away with murder.

Family TV
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I'd love to hear some of the things you've learned from watching TV?  Post below and let me know.


Sunshine with a high of 71...68 in the North Country.

Top News Stories

Warning to the US
The militant group Islamic State is sending a warning to the United States. In a 52-second video entitled "Flames of War," it says any American troops sent to Iraq will be met by militant fighters. The video shows militants blowing up tanks, wounded U.S. soldiers and others about to killed.

Apparent murder-suicide in Amherst
Authorities are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Amherst, New Hampshire. The attorney general's office says police are investigating the deaths of a woman and her adult son. Police discovered the bodies while doing a welfare check at the home on Tuesday and say the deaths appear to be a murder-suicide. Autopsies will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

Fire Chief placed on paid leave 
Bangor's fire department is without a chief, at least temporarily, because city officials have placed him on a paid leave of absence. Chief Scott Lucas is on a "non-disciplinary paid leave of absence."

Stupid News

In an effort to dispel some patrons' fears about wakes, a funeral parlor in Michigan has opened a 'drive-thru' funeral home.  You have three minutes to say your good-byes before the curtain closes.

Joke du Jour

It's so rare to be offered a meal on the airlines today that on Don's last trip, he was surprised to hear the flight attendant say:
"Would you like dinner?"
"Oh, what are my choices?"
"Yes or no!"

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