Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, NH just may be the most haunted graveyard in the Granite State. Locals whisper about the large numbers of ghostly apparitions. Visitors routinely describe hearing unexplained tapping sounds and seeing floating orbs of light. One spirit in particular is said to be particularly menacing, and the reason Pine Hill Cemetery got it's horrifying nickname...Blood Cemetery.

Abel Blood was laid to rest in Pine Hill Cemetery in 1867 next to his wife Betsy. Although never proven, word around the campfire has always been the Blood family was murdered. There are no facts to back up the theory, but what does seem to be  without question is Abel Blood's specter weighs down on the burial ground like a thick blanket of fog.

Legend has it Abel Blood's headstone is adorned with the carving of a hand...the index finger pointed up towards heaven. However, if you're brave enough to visit his grave at night it's said the stone changes color and the finger points downward!

Proceed with caution.

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