"The Best Way To Roll Around Town"

This past Saturday night, I was coming out of the Portland Harbor Hotel and I spotted this vehicle that I had never seen before.

It kinda looked like one of the Duck Boats that you see in Boston, only it didn't have a motor.

It was a huge multi-person pedal bike known as the Portland Party Bike.


I started talking to all the happy people around the bike and it turns out I was talking to Eliot Storey, the owner of the bike, his host for the night Anne, a Bride that was renting the bike for the night and Devin Blakely, one of their guests.

They were all so happy and looked like they were having a blast!  They also told me that Eliot's nickname is "Big Daddy."

He takes care of everyone and makes sure everyone is safe and having fun.  Pretty sure Eliot doesn't mind that nickname...

The Bike Originally Had a Motor

Eliot told me that he originally ordered the bike with a motor, however, he and his wife Giana couldn't get the vehicle on the road like that, so he drafted a bill to try and make this bike another vehicle class as they've done in other states.  But, after drafting a 7-page bill, they still couldn't make it street legal.  So, since a bike can't be on the road with a motor, they took it out, and now the Party Bike can go anywhere a bike can go.

It's just a really huge bicycle.  Where there's a will, there's a way!  Love it.

Sully pix
Sully pix

Every Person Has to Pedal

The Party Bike is propelled by the people on it.  So, if you have a group of 14 people, they all have their own set of pedals and have to pump in order to get the thing to move.  It sounds harder than it is.  You could do it.  There are TWO spaces on the bike that don't have pedals for those who just want to go along for the ride.  (that would be me....)

You Can Drink and Work it Off At the Same Time

What a great idea!  The Portland Party Bike will take you from bar to bar and give you exercise in between each stop.  I think I would get better and better at this whole thing as the night progressed.

Thank goodness you would have Captain Eliot, a/k/a "Big Daddy," to steer the thing.  I'd be all over the road.

This is the Only One in Maine

Right now, Portland party bike only has one bike, however, they are trying to get a second one and another one by January 2022.  The one that I saw on Saturday, they plan on taking down to Florida for the Winter.  They are going to establish themselves down there, then buy another one for the beginning of the season here in Maine next year.

Silly Pix
Silly Pix

Every Ride Gets a Captain and a Host

Anne is the host of the party.  She is the one who just keeps it going!  She plays music, laughs, and keeps everyone happy while they pedal!  Eliot said that everyone who rents the bike is out to have a good time, so people are already in a good mood.  Anne told me,

How can you not have fun on this thing?


There Were Delays Getting The Bike Up and Running

Eliot said they ordered the bike at the beginning of 2018.

We had our first paid ride - Labor Day, 2019.  It took that long to get going, then COVID hit.  So, about this time last year, we were able to get going again.  It's been a great 2021 and looking forward to a better 2022.

What About Safety?

I asked about people falling off because I can envision my butt falling off one of these things, but Eliot did his research and since 2018, the data says the places that have these bikes have only had 3 incidents. It's in more than 40 states now.

The Portland Party Bike is only the 2nd one in New England.  The other one is in New Haven, Connecticut.

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