We Granite Staters are in luck this spring as it appears to be a great year to get an easy sighting of an Eastern Towhee. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also great entertainers!

Eastern Towhee
YouTube VIA Lang Elliott

Eastern Towhee

Behold! The mighty Eastern Towhee! Just listen to their call of 'Drink Your Tea'!

This bird should be very easy to see over the next few weeks as they tend to be quite the showmen during mating season. The most common place to find them when they're singing is at the top of the tallest shrub in the area.

That 'Drink You Tea' call can be heard from hundreds of yards away so it makes for a fun avian version of the game Marco Polo. And you don't have to worry about them flying away skittishly once you see them. They are not shy.

Another cool trick that you can see them perform around this time of year is the unique way they forage for food. They have a pretty wide range diet of seeds, fruits and leaves and they also eat a lot of bugs this time of year.

It's pretty hilarious to watch them scratch away at the ground and piles of leaves as they try to uncover some snacks.

Thanks to NH Fish and Game for reminding me of their eating habits as well as providing ANOTHER stunning pic. I'm telling you, The Eastern Towhee is such a crowd pleaser!

Go out and find one today!

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