I know some die hard New England Patriots fans. But this woman took things to a whole other level earlier this week.

19-year-old Megan Uhrynowski was hanging around Gillette Stadium after Patriots practice when quarterback Tom Brady showed up to sign some autographs. The Boston Herald says Megan admits to "freaking out" when TB12 signed her arm with a Sharpie. Her friend suggested turning the signature into a tattoo.

She told CBS Boston this is how it all happened: "It was just an unbelievable experience I will never forget. He comes up to me and I'm like, 'Tom, like, I literally will get this tattooed on my arm, if you sign my arm. And he just actually looked me right in the eyes and smirked and was like 'Oh my God' and just signed it."

So on Tuesday, Megan lived up to her promise and went to a tattoo shop where she had the GOAT's signature permanently put on her arm.

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