If your pet peeve is unfinished drinks, beers, or coffees, then this Instagram account is not for you. However, I do find it hard to look away and find it quite brilliant.

Ask yourself this: how often have you walked or drove past a half-empty iced coffee and thought about what a waste it was? I've often wondered this myself. First of all, I'd like to know who's out here blowing money. I'm familiar with Dunks' prices and $3 adds up fast, my friends.

I stumbled across this brilliant idea for an Instagram page and had to share it with you. Ever see something that just speaks to you from first glance? Well, this happened when I found Half-Drunk Dunks on the 'Gram.

Someone actually took the time to capture almost 500 photos, each one portraying the loneliest looking Dunkin' coffee cup that once had a purpose but was left out to dry – or melt, as a majority of the cup victims are iced coffees.

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With over 2,500 followers (and growing), what started off as a small account has already got the attention of the Boston Globe recently.

According to the Globe, the IG account is operated by a woman named Alice Brown who began collecting a photo stock of these lonely cups on her commute and, for no reason at all, began cataloging them into an ingenious Instagram account.

The next time you're out and about and see a coffee cup that someone ditched, do two things:

  1. Take a photo and contribute by tagging this artsy account.
  2. Do the right thing and help keep the world clean, even if it's not your trash.

I'm considering doing this same idea, but with the cups that are left behind on the Feast grounds for the morning crew to clean up at the Madeira Feast. Let's put it this way: if you like Madeira wine, what's left behind will break your heart. Stay tuned.

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