Maryna Shuliakouskaya's story is extremely inspirational.

She moved here about 10 years ago from a small land locked city in Russia called Belarus and didn't speak a word of english.

Her plan was to stay in the U.S long enough to make 5,000 dollars and head back home to Russia. She met her future husband Adam Young and her plans quickly changed. After only three months of meeting they got married.

Maryna put everything she had into learning English and bettering her life. She worked various jobs and then decided to go back to school at York County Community College, the first of three colleges in the U.S where she has earned degrees.

Adam and Maryna now run three Aroma Joes franchises together, their newest location recently opened in Kittery ME.

It is not uncommon for Maryna to work 70-80 hour weeks between owning her own business, being a marketing director for Subway and raising their two children. Her unbelievable work ethic and ambition has been the recipe to her success. (full story on

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