When I think of wildlife in New Hampshire I imagine moose, deer, fisher cats, and of course these days crazy squirrels. What I never think about is rattle snakes. Well after today...I will.

WMUR-TV posted video earlier today of an extremely rare timber rattlesnake. According to the report, the snake was caught on camera earlier this month in the southern part of the Granite State. They're keeping the exact location a secret since the snake is on the state's endangered list.

I don't know about you...but I'm scared to death of snakes. I love hiking in the woods. But I'm always fearful of snakes. When I was a kid, I was helping my grandfather and my aunt pick up sticks in the yard after a windstorm. My aunt accidentally picked up a copperhead! Of course she shrieked when it moved, and threw it half way across the yard. My grandfather killed it because they're poisonous. Ever since then I've been a little paranoid about snakes.

But I guess they're just a part of life in New Hampshire. Another rattlesnake was captured last month in Hooksett before being returned to the wild.

If you're headed out to the woods this fall...keep your eyes open. And your ears for that distinctive sound.

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