Thanks to new technology agricultural students can now receive text alerts when cows are in labor.

The technology is called Moocall and it's currently in use at the UNH Fairchild Dairy Teaching and Research Center. New Hampshire is home to one of only two university research centers using the technology.

Moocall is a sensor that attaches to the cow's tail and gathers more than 600 pieces of data per second. When it picks up a certain level of movement from the cow it will send a text alert to a cell phone. And it's revolutionizing the dairy game.

The technology was developed in Ireland after a farmer lost a cow and its calf during an unattended birth. According to Virginia Cooperative Extension, almost 50% of all calf deaths are a result of difficulty during labor. Instead of monitoring pregnant cows in person round the clock, students can now go about their day and wait to receive a text alert.

On average, the Moocall sends text alerts about an hour before a cow calving. It doesn't have a perfect record though.

According to Kayla Aragona, a doctoral student at UNH, "The funniest experience with the Moocall so far has been when I used it on a cow that did not like it. She would rub her tail up against everything and literally bang the sensor against the wall to try to get it to fall off."

Want to receive a text message from a cow? Here's how:

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