UNH football in late December? You bet! The football Wildcats are winners of nine of their past ten and six straight in a wild bid for their first national championship. They're certainly on a hot streak. As for their opponent? They've only won two consecutive national championships and twenty-two (!) straight games. Not only that, they've won by an average of 26 points this season-- which is to say that the Wildcats will have their work cut out for them on Friday night at the Fargodome (that totally sounds like a made up venue, doesn't it?). Unlike last week, you won't have to curse your WiFi trying to watch on the computer as this game will be on TV! Tune in to ESPN2 at 8pm. If you haven't caught a UNH game this season, there is room on the bandwagon and you absolutely owe it to yourself to see UNH QB Sean Goldrich. This guy is why, despite whatever the odds end up being, UNH has a very real shot at keeping their championship run going!

UNH Wildcats
Credit UNHWildcats.com


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