Did you know that Maine has more breweries per capita than any other state in the U.S.? I learned that through trivia!

As a state known for its beer scene, it’s important to prepare the next generation to take over to maintain our eminence and keep the brews brewin’.

Maine Beer Company and The University of Southern Maine are setting the scene but it’s far deeper than just providing skills and knowledge that are beer-related.

As shared in an article by News Center Maine, the famous brewery gifted USM $100,000 to kickstart a Brewing Up Opportunity Program that presents a paid internship and scholarship program for students that come from underserved communities.

The program is targeted toward students who may not otherwise have access to this industry while diversifying the brewery scene.

The program is expected to start this summer and will take on a holistic approach to provide skills and experience toward careers in tourism, hospitality, food studies, marketing, engineering, finance, and design, as stated in the News Center Maine piece.

Dan Kleban, co-founder of Maine Beer Company, shared with the news center that the goal is to reduce financial barriers through a paid internship and a $5,000 scholarship for those who complete the program.

I am a huge advocate for combining university and work experience while providing opportunities for students to obtain internships while taking care of themselves financially while in school.

Kleban graduated from USM in 2004 and is now giving back to the community, providing momentous opportunities, and supporting both our local businesses and our students.

As always, Maine Beer Co. is doing what's right.

Canva/mainebeerco via Instagram

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