It’s the dawning of a new age. We could soon see emoji on license plates in the state of Vermont if a new bill introduced by Representative Rebecca White gets passed into law, according to

The way the bill reads, it looks like you can only have the option of adding one emoji to your license plate and you would have the option to choose from one of six.

What those six emojis are at this time are unknown. I am guessing the poop emoji is not one of the six you can choose.

According to, this would not be the first in the world. If you would like to see emoji license plates you can head over to Queensland, Australia.

The bill is pretty specific that you can have all emojis, it must be a combination of numbers, letters, and just one emoji.

The Vermont bill also does not include how much that emoji license plate will cost you.

I would imagine this emoji license plate would be awkward when you have to handwrite your license plate number on forms.


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