This is the coolest thing I've seen on the internet in weeks!

In the comments of this Facebook video, you'll see that it took this guy 400 hours to build!!

The massive reproduction of Fenway was put together at the Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville, Mass.  If you don't know about this place and you have a Lego fan in your life, you are missing out!  Check out their website here.

I spoke to Helen at the Legoland Discovery Center who told me that not only can you see Lego Fenway Park in Somerville, but you can ALSO see a replica of Gillette Stadium too!

The video was created by Beyond the Brick, who has all kinds of really cool videos on other Lego projects.  There is a timely video on how to build a lego gift box!

I remember when my son, Colin, was really in to Legos.  We would sit for hours just putting crazy structures together.  It was a very relaxing process of building these massive buildings with different characters peeking out of the windows or driving lego cars.  When Colin got older, he lost interest in Legos, but I did not.  I have his old sets at my house and there is no way that I am ever throwing them out.  Every now and again, if I take them out and don't put them back, I'll step on one of those suckers and remember fondly how I loved those days with my son, even with the pain.  They go fast!

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