When you think wildlife you're going to spot roadside in Maine, there's a few things that come to mind. Moose, deer or turkeys. That's really the list. But if you happened to find yourself in the small town of Fayette, Maine the other day, you saw something completely out of the ordinary. An emu, who seemed to be looking to hitch a ride out of town.

Shared on Facebook by Taffy-Boterf-Davis, a emu that is local to the town managed to get free from his pen and started looking for some new friends. The owner of the emu, Tyrany Montez, commented on Taffy's post to let everyone know that his name is Clark and that he recently lost his mate. Since he loves people and cars, when he got loose, he decided it was a perfect afternoon to meet someone new and do a little 'hitchhiking' in town.

If Clark seems like a character to you, that's because he is. Montez shared a video of Clark in the comments section giving a glimpse into his daily life. One of Clark's true joys is the 'take-out window in the kitchen, allowing him to stick his head in and grab some goldfish as a little snack.

Facebook via Tyrany Montez
Facebook via Tyrany Montez

Don't let Clark the emu fool you. You're still far more likely to see deer, turkeys or even moose along roadways in Maine versus an emu. But if someone wants to let Liberty Mutual know, they might have a perfect emu fill-in hanging out in Maine. No Doug though.

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