Finally, an awesome proposal that is fun and doesn't involve choreographed dance moves and professional editing equipment. No, what Austin Crecelius did for his girlfriend Allison Boyle was fun and memorable and just great!

If you couldn't quite make out what he said over the rumble of the tracks.

At one point in time you had mentioned to me that life is like a roller coaster. And its got its up and downs, its got twists and turns, and it even throws you for a loop sometimes. And though you can go by yourself, its alot more fun to go with another person. So I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my roller coaster buddy. Allie will you marry me"

Oh, and word is she said yes and that the real ring-- he smartly used a fake ring while on the 'coaster-- was safely placed on her hand shortly after the ride was over. Well, in a way, the ride is just beginning...



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