About two months ago, we featured a story about a rather large turtle nicknamed "Bessie" (amongst other things) that calls Pettingill Pond in Windham home. Beyond the size of this turtle was one of the actions locals said was fairly common for Bessie, climbing the ladder of a floating dock in the pond to grab some sun. At the time, we shared a still photo that seemingly captured the act. Lots of people just didn't believe it. So now, there's video.

Shared on Facebook by Elena Guinta Baer, she was the same person who took the still photo we featured in April. She must have taken some of the comments from naysayers personal because this video is absolute, definitive proof that Bessie has never met a floating dock ladder that Bessie doesn't want to climb.

While this video does solve the ladder climbing conspiracy, this is a reminder that Bessie is a snapping turtle and probably isn't terribly interested in sunbathing next to you or starring in your next Instagram story. For more than 80 years, this snapping turtle has called Pettingill Pond home and clearly hasn't lost a step so watch yourself if you plan on visiting the pond to catch a glimpse.

Nature in Maine...never a dull moment.

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