Zoinks Scoob! We've got a mystery to solve!

My girlfriend's sister got two alerts on her back porch Nest cam of movement, both about 2 minutes apart. When she looked at the video she saw what looked like something floating through the air. Was it a ghost?

I've put the two videos from her cam together in this YouTube video. You can see what looks like a small, transparent cloud, almost circular in shape, but not quite. It enters the camera view from the right and floats over the deck, starts to head toward the woods nearby, then stops and floats to the left off-camera.

It does this twice within the two minutes that movement was detected by the camera. Take a look for yourself.

I'm a person who doesn't believe in ghosts, so I adamantly feel this is not one, but I have no idea what this could be. The transparency is what gets me. At first, I thought it could be some sort of bug on the lens, but you can see right through whatever it is, where a bug would completely block the camera.

There is a theory out there that I disagree with though. According to hauntedrooms.co.uk, they could be orbs of light which depending on how you take it, could be caused by ghostly energy or more scientific explanations:

Orbs of light are generally thought to be the manifestation of energy – which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ghost orbs or spirit orbs. Some of the orbs you see in pictures aren’t actually “ghostly” in nature: they’re mere refractions of the light on the lense of a camera, or are a result of the flash of a camera picking up a piece of dust, metal or even tiny insects in the air. Dust or particles on the lensecap of a digital camera are also well-known for causing orb-like phenomena.

So what do you think? Ghost? Orbs? Bug? Is someone playing with a flashlight? Let us know in the comments.

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