What is your biggest fear?  Does it align with what your neighbors fear by State?

In a study by yourlocalsecurity.com, it appears that New Hampshire residents fear clowns the most.

The study was conducted by analyzing the top search terms relating to fear and then breaking down those results by state.

This year, yourlocalsecurity.com discovered that the most searched fear looked up nationwide was fear of people.

The official term for a phobia of people is anthropophobia. I do not suffer from that phobia, but I am terrified of bugs like roaches. My wife is in charge of bug-killing in my home, but she hates clowns, so I believe she is aligned with most of our New Hampshire neighbors.

I suppose the results nationwide of people being fearful of people are not shocking since we are in the midst of a pandemic, but I thought the number one search would be germs.

Pretty shocking from the study by yourlocalsecurity.com is that Massachusetts residents search for fear of failure the most.  I suppose there is a lot of competition among those college graduates.

Residents in the great state of Vermont search for fear of blood the most, while Maine residents search fear of flying.  Fear of flying is pretty common, but the search results were up probably also COVID-19 related.

There are so many travel bans it doesn’t look like many people are flying anywhere.  In fact, it appears the airline industry is in free fall.

Will we ever go back to flying again as we did before the pandemic?  I’d rather drive than fly anyway.

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