It's been a long stretch of time since they closed their doors back in October, but sure enough, a reopening date has been selected and it's happening within one month's time!

Movie theater with projection screen

Regal Theatres In Newington NH Reopening

Friday, May 7th

Regal Theatres are slowly reopening around the country with lots of locations returning on a week to week basis.

The first New England location that will open it's doors will be Boston's Regal Fenway on Friday, April 23rd.

As far as The Granite State is concerned, Seacoast cinephiles will be happy to know that Newington will be open on May 7th, a full week before Manchester on May 14th and Concord on May 21st.

Theaters will be operating under the safety guidelines of each particular state and it appears that a 50% rule will be the most commonly used capacity. There will also be an increase in air ventilation and many new 'non-contact' features will ticket purchases and even concessions.

I, for one, am psyched.

Going to see an action movie at Regal is a completely immersive experience.

For the first time since 1963, King Kong and Godzilla are duking it out on the big screen and I thought for sure that I'd never be able to witness this colossal throw down in the comfy confines of Regal, now it looks like I'll be able to!

I have been tempted to watch it on HBO Max, but, thus far have not given in. Also, I can't believe I haven't witnessed a spoiler. I don't know who emerges victorious yet!

I've been Pro-Kong since the Jessica Lange movie in 1976 and the idea of him being defeated at the hands of a giant lizard may be too much to take.

The overwhelming success of this movie HAS to go hand in hand with Regal Theatres making this decision, and I am here for it!

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