(Concord, NH) - Gasbuddy has put together a list of the the highest rated restrooms in every state.


Gas station restrooms have changed a lot since I started driving. Rest rooms used to be those two locked doors at the rear of the gas station that you had to ask to use, and were handed a key attached to a tire rim or a cinder block so they could not be stolen easily!

Today's gas stations are more often than not part of a national chain that includes a convenience store and inside rest rooms.

Gasbuddy has always kept us up to date on the lowest gas prices in the U.S., but as we approach the summer travel season, they have done us the favor of rating those stations that are the best bet when nature calls. With the gasbuddy app on your mobile device, you can check on their ratings and post a review of your own.

Personally, I want thank them for having my back(side) on this one!

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