Take pride local craft brew enthusiasts, all three northern New England states rank in the top ten!

According to Brewers Association, Vermont ranks number one in the nation with a staggering 9.4 craft breweries per 100,000 people. Also faring well on the list is Maine which ranks 5th (5.9 per 100K) and New Hampshire ranking 9th (4.5 per 100K). None of our fellow New England states to the south ranked in the top 50%.


Looking to learn what makes Vermont number one on the craft brew scene? Sample Otter Creek, Shed, Long Trail, Switchback and Magic Hat at Seacoast On Tap on Saturday, June 25th in Eliot. Yes, Maine and New Hampshire are well represented as well-- you can check out the full list of beers (from around the country) and buy tickets in advance of the big day here.

Hops, er, hope to see you there!


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