I honestly never thought I’d be in a position to even write this post. Actually, I never thought I’d end up back in radio again (maybe another story for another time). But since the universe had a different plan, allow me to re-introduce myself.

I’m Jadd, and I’m BACK HOME ON THE SEACOAST! (I really can’t express how awesome it is to say that – I literally got goosebumps typing it.)

There’s a solid chance that anytime between November 2012 and July 2018, you saw me at one of the many 5K’s around the Seacoast (not running. DEFINITELY not running. All of THIS doesn’t run anymore.) Or maybe being obnoxiously loud at Apple Harvest Day. Or stumbling up and down Central Ave during Oktoberfest/Okdoverfest. Or hosting trivia at Thompson Tavern on a Thursday night (and staying until they closed down because Thursday is the new Friday.)

I made it a point to get out and about on the Seacoast as much as possible. Mainly because I try and be a lot like my Pepere was and just do GOOD, help people, and spread positivity and happiness. But like I said on Kira’s podcast Therapodic a few weeks back – I legit fell in love with the Seacoast and the people in it. There’s something really special about this area, and it’s not even something that can’t be described with words. Like the kids say now – IFYKYK (if you know, you know).

A new job opportunity took me to Tulsa, Oklahoma, back in August 2018 (again, another post for another time, but long story short – if you have the opportunity to venture out and live somewhere else in your life – DO IT! You’ll discover A LOT about yourself, and more importantly, grow to appreciate home a lot more.)

Sometimes, though, companies change things up, and between that and COVID, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and had to figure out if I wanted to try and stay out there and make something happen, go somewhere else, or come back home. Which, you would think would be an easy decision to come back home, but I really struggled with it. I took a huge risk in leaving everything and everyone I’ve ever known behind, and moving halfway across the country by myself – I almost felt like by coming back home, I’d essentially be admitting I failed and tucking my tail between my legs and doing the walk (drive?) of shame.

Here’s the thing, though. When I left, my plan was to go out there, crush the job, and be able to come back home in a better position than when I left. Even though the path was different than the blueprint I planned on – I did that.

I experienced and achieved things professionally that I never had the opportunity to before. More importantly, I honestly feel like I grew a lot as a person and became a better human. THAT’S what I’m excited about – to be back home on the Seacoast (and soak in Portland WAY more), to show you how I’ve grown personally and professionally, and to just do it better than ever before.

So, like I told all the people who had a hand in bringing me back home where I feel like I belong – like the GOAT once said: LFG!!!!

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