Get out of your favorite mixtapes, folks, cause a Guardians of the Galaxy actor will soon be visiting the Pine Tree State.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of this writer's favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe films. It tells of a ragtag group of misfits led by Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), who unexpectedly come together and fight bad guys across the universe together. The movie's arguably one of the funniest in the MCU, and is backed up by an awesome soundtrack of '60s and '70s hits.

As it turns out, one of the film's actors, Sean Gunn, will be making an appearance at Maine's first Comic and Toy Con. The event will take place on April 28-30 at Portland, Maine's Cross Insurance Arena.

Sean Gunn has appeared in multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe films as Kraglin Obfonteri, part of the Yondu Ravager Clan. Besides also providing "performance capture for the character of Rocket," according to the below post, Sean's appeared as Kraglin in Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. You can also see him in Avengers: Endgame, Thor: Love and Thunder, and non-MCU films like The Suicide Squad (portraying Weasel and Calendar Man) and the TV show Gilmore Girls (Kirk Gleason).

To learn more about the Maine Comic and Toy Con, click here.

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