I'm going to be flat out right now, and sorry if saying this is too over the top, but right now -- reality sucks. Right now, you can't turn around and NOT hear something about COVID, masks, the pandemic, or the election. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I can speak for all of us when I say -- we're just exhausted with it all.

That's why we're BEYOND excited about Halloween coming up tomorrow. But of course, there's even still restrictions on that (if trick or treating hasn't been cancelled in your town already). Thankfully, we have a mostly young spirit here in New England and while we want to be safe, we still enjoy being fun, and we're creative and smart as heck at figuring out ways to still thrive during all the STINK going on these days.

I had someone call into the show a couple of days ago saying they were going to create a chute out of PVC pipe so they could still socially distant sling out some candy to trick or treaters, which I think is just great. There's enough Grinch in the world today, why not focus on the positive aspects and that's we can STILL live our lives (safely, I want to make sure I get across I'm saying to do this all safely) and have fun.

WMUR ran a report about other creative ways people are celebrating Halloween, which officially kicks off the holiday season for us, which means we're officially almost out of the absolute succubus that's been 2020. Aside from highlighting a few other people that were using the PVC pipe chute method, WMUR also mentioned a man in Rochester who posted on Facebook asking who was giving out candy and how, and turned it all into a Google map link that breaks all that info down -- it's basically a trick or treating/candy guide.

THAT'S what I'm talking about. New England, man -- we THRIVE when other areas just try and survive. Everyone have a blast this weekend -- do some good, eat some candy, BE SAFE. And feel free to drop your boy some Milky Way Midnights -- they're my go-to.

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